Project Description:

      MESOPOTAMIAN MUSEUM is a museum which exhibits or shows many aspects of IRAQI identity from it’s history , culture, tradition, people’s life style from the past to the present. All these aspects should be represented  in a way which defines the term “Mesopotamian Museum
     More than 3000 years of ancient Mesopotamian history and achievements can be illustrated chronologically through this museum .The innovations, beliefs, artistic craftsmanship, power and legacy of Mesopotamia can be explored through these objects many of which result from famous excavations of legendary ancient cities such as Ur, Nineveh and Babylon.
The site located at the south east of Erbil city (Iraq), its distance 1.0 km from the Erbil CBD, On the 60m street.The site surrounded by many green zones like:papula park-mnara park-sami abdulrahman park)
*This location also choesen by the Erbil manucipality .
  Whats number 7 in Mesopotamia:
The ancient iraqi peoples combined every situation in their life with number 7.
First:  the seven celestial bodies
Secound: The seven heavens and the seven layers of the Earth
Third : Seven Gods
Fifth: Devils and the number seven
    t’s seven inhabit Earth 
    It’s seven out of the earth 
    She was born seven on the ground 
    She grew up on the ground seven
no 7 and phenomena of nature and cosmic:
seven mountain,seven of wind,seven sea
The impact of the number seven in social beliefs :
Seven kings ,Seven judges,Women and the number seven 
The marriage ceremony and the number seven ,Holidays and the number seven 
Death and mourning and the number seven
Hopscotch seven
Medical treatment and the number seven
Number seven and phenomena of 
nature and the cosmic:
The seven mountains,Seven of wind,Seven Seas,Stones (calculi) seven.
Urban Aspect:
The Site also divided to 7 layers each layer rotated according to the surrounding nighbours random pattern and axis.

Ground Floor
Different layers symbolize different historical periods and alternations in the shape and size of each layer refers to the differences between these civilizations although there similarities.The alternations between each floor also generates open roof top areas which could be used as gardens referring to the Babylon hanging gardens.
       The circular base indicating the Citadel of Erbil because Citadel hangs the heritage of Erbil and the museum also protect the historical element .
      The outdor exhibition contain the green wall indicating the Plan layout of the ancient iraqi building.
      The gate i used the same Arch of the Erbil citadels Gate so as to sense the Erbil heritage when you comming towerd the entrance ,and layered gate indicate the development of the civiliazation.
Each Solid Layer contain of each civiliazation according to its size of archaeological element,and the Circulation: the visitors must be elevate to the top and then comming down by the Ramp like the Gravity of earth.  
Material & Sustainability:
     Using the yellow color like gold because of our climate dusty thats not appear dust and for cleaning, also using the steel and concrete as a structure.
     processing towerds the next step in future development ,the space as a comunity center-becomes an icon guiding the surroundings.resources of the sosiety as well as ecologic and economic parameters are merged by the interconnectivity of each layers or functions for optimized efficiency .

This Project Achieved Third Place From Competition of Tamayouz Award 

Judges’ Comments: 
Marc Galudemans: “Beautiful design for a Mesopotamian Museum in Erbil. The design is well conceived and has a number on integrated layers of meaning and functionality.  The spectacular morphology is sufficient to make this museum stand out in Erbil, and the design becomes a bit more original by avoiding the hyper-fashionable application of curved, white buildings in most other nominations. A very nice proposal.”

Jerome Goyard: “Good integration in the site and the city.  Good reinterpretation of the traditional sustainability concept with a modern form of the courtyard to refresh the whole building. Presentation is clear and drawings are beautiful”.
All works © Rawand Abdullah
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