Project: Bin Ghatti Residential Tower - Competition - only façade design
Design: Partner Studio 
Location: Dubai, UAE
Design year: 2023​​​​​​​
In this option our façade concept is dealing with a parametric cubic pattern to shows the future of developing! that's comes from (Muhammed Binghatti) which he says:
I wanted my towers to be hyper towers that evoked the emotions a car enthusiast would have when seeing their favorite supercar.” amalgamating art into properties”
At the lower levels we can see balconies are quite open, but at the upper levels balconies became more closed due to the pattern design, but this doesn't affect the apartments vision to outside because at these levels we also used an open CNC pattern for the closed parts at each balconies which play a good role(lighting pattern) for the balconies interior especially for the pools!
From the below of the tower when you look at the top of the tower you can see a nice orange pattern from the balconies ceiling, an orange color belongs to BINGHATTI BRAND COLOR

In this option our inspiration of the design comes from the company logo! When we look the design of this façade we can easily recognize and read the LOGO of (BINGHATTI) company! it mean our inspiration for the façade design It has originated from company LOGO. using the gold color for differentiate the façade design parts shows more luxury and elegant. 

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